André Desjardins

André Desjardins

Artiste-peintre et sculpteur, André Desjardins - Artiste-peintre et sculpteur

Montréal, Canada

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    Artiste-peintre et sculpteur

    André Desjardins - Artiste-peintre et sculpteur

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His skills

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  • Sculpture

His hobbies

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About him

The essence of life emerges with every stroke of Desjardins’ brush, every texture and nuance, transforming the empty canvas into a statement about the mysteries of life, love and our universe itself. His thoughts become real and hidden faces break free from chaos, giving an almost serene and tranquil feeling, while muted and subtle colors coax one into a dreamlike state of viewing the mysteries that Desjardins has revealed.

André’s passion for life and the stories told in the faces of humanity developed early and have continued to evolve. Today he devotes his time, energy, and passion to translating emotions into images of timeless beauty and humanity.

André Desjardins’ paintings are poetry. He conjures up life through lines, colours and textures as others do through words. His works are communicative; they talk, they listen. They grab, entice and seduce. They touch.They demonstrate a fine mastery of depth, both pictorial and human.

André Desjardins is the only Canadian artist represented by Masterpiece Publishing, Inc., one of the most important visual arts agencies in the U.S. Its reputation is based on the quality of the artists it represents and the considerable number of galleries showing their creations.

In September of 2008, Art Business News named André Desjardins as one of the 10 most important new artists in the U.S.

Desjardins works are part of the following private collections:

Loto-Québec; MOCA Museum of Contemporary Art – Hot Spring, AK; San Diego Art Institute – Museum of the Living Artist, San Diego, CA; Museum of the Americas – Doral, FL; BlattFine Art – New York, NY; Modernmaster fineart – Indianapolis, IN; Masterpiece Publishing – Irvine, CA.

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