Annette Martini

Annette Martini

Writer/Author of Deadlock Conspiracy, Classical Singer, Soprano, Musician

Currently employed at DeadLock Conspiracy

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    I am a Classical Singer/Opera, Musician, Poet and Photographer. I am also a Writer/Author and so is my husband Anthony Martini. We are both busy writing DeadLock Conspiracy together which will be 7 Novels in all. We have already written Novel One & Novel Two which are on the Internet for Immediate Download. DeadLock Conspiracy is a Riveting True Crime Story with Chilling Paranormal Encounters That Will Keep Everyone On The Edge Of Their Seat Wanting More. My goal is to sale our Novels - DeadLock Conspiracy - World Wide and eventually making movies of this True Shocking Story. DeadLock Conspiracy is already being sold around the world. A Spellbound Story of Courage and Survival against all odds with assassins following his every step determined to destroy every single movement he made. No matter where he turned and who he talked to they coldly stalked his every step. A compelling, solemn promise that was made is finally slowly coming true. Against all odds having struggled with his long term and short term memory loss from a severe head injury and with much determination DeadLock Conspiracy is emerging one Novel at a time. Novel One & Novel Two are now available for Immediate Download. Extreme Paranormal Encounters! What were they trying to tell him? DOWNLOAD DEADLOCK CONSPIRACY NOW! IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD AT: Novel Three is already in the process of being written. CLASSICAL SINGER: I am also a Classical Singer, Lyricist, Songwriter, Poet, Photographer and Artist. I took 12 years of Professional Classical Voice Training with Professional Singing Teachers. I taught Classical Music on Piano to children, teenagers and adults for over 17 years. I love Classical Music and Musicals. Specialties:QUOTES: "Friendship is not an illusion but rather an exquisite rare gem to find and when you do then you are blessed with an extraordinary gift." © Quote By Annette Martini "Freedom is a powerful need and a right that engulfs the very core of our existance moving us to be lovingly creative in every aspect of our lives for without it we cannot exist." © Quote By Annette Martini Je peux aussi lire, écrire et parler le français.



At DeadLock Conspiracy

From July 2002 to Present
I am a Classical Singer/Opera, Musician, Poet. I am also a Writer/Author and so is my husband Anthony Martini. I wrote DeadLock Conspiracy - Novel One & Novel Two with my husband Anthony Martini. We are in the process of writing Novel Three. I am determined to get Anthony's story out for a...
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At DeadLock Conspiracy


Piano Teacher

At Self-Employed

From July 1985 to June 2002
Classical Singer, Soprano, Opera & Piano Teacher Received Professional Classical Voice Training for 12 years and Sang in Public. Taught Classical Music on the Piano to children, teenagers and Adults with Recitals given every year for the students for 17 years.


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  • Classical Singer/Soprano
  • Musician - Piano
  • Photographer
  • Writer- Author

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