Christa Tsitirides

Christa Tsitirides

Recruitment Consultant -Director, CMT Global Consulting

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    CMT GLOBAL CONSULTING is a boutique human capital consultancy firm specializing in senior level executive and professional search. We provide a full suite of talent management solutions and coaching services to attract, select, onboard and retain employees worldwide. We offer something different… a service that not only supports our clients from the initial search and selection of top candidates, but also right through to new hire integration, on-boarding and retention. ***OUR SERVICES *** 1- EXECUTIVE SEARCH AND RECRUITMENT for executives, middle managers and highly specialized individual contributors We offer Executive and Professional Search Consultancy services, providing innovative solutions for positions which are difficult to fill. We offer solutions for the short and long term. We proactively recruit, and manage relationships with external candidates to fill the gaps in your succession plan. • We are Industry Search Experts. The breadth and depth of our knowledge within mining, aerospace, technology, engineering, construction, pharma/biotech, supply chain, logistics and professional services provides us with considerable reach across the market. We identify the best candidates, not just those who are easy to find. • We are directly involved in every aspect of the mandate including recruiting and in-depth interviewing of all candidates. This ensures our clients receive the highest level of attention and first-hand knowledge of the search. • Clients and candidates appreciate our professionalism and know that we act in their best interests. • We provide trusted counsel that impacts our clients’ long term success. • We are relentless in our pursuit of every qualified candidate. We know our clients and their industry and effectively position opportunities to attract the best candidates. *Our Recruitment Value Added Services: We provide professional value added services that not only give your company the best basis for attracting and selecting top talent, but also for onboarding and retaining employees worldwide. 2- EXECUTIVE COACHING SERVICES for leadership development CMT GLOBAL CONSULTING's executive coaching is designed to elevate inter-personal and professional talents and skills and to accelerate your return on investment. Our support programs are designed to heighten the likelihood of success around the specific challenges faced by individual executives, taking them through an initial cultural readiness check, identifying specific needs and issues and building an action plan for further cultural and professional development. Ongoing coaching is available to cover a host of business issues and skills. 3- INTERCULTURAL ASSESSMENT, TRAINING AND GLOBAL MOBILITY CONSULTING for relocating employees We assist companies to take advantage of their international reality by offering intercultural training, candidate assessments and global mobility consulting. HR and organizational development teams, global mobility teams, project managers, employees on international assignment and employees interacting with international partners can all benefit from our expertise. Whether it be an employee relocated abroad, an international sales executive, a project manager overseeing a project abroad or working with units in different countries, most employees will benefit from this training which focuses on cultural dimensions and their impact on expectations at work, communication styles and HR approaches. We provide: • Pre-departure Training for International Assignment • Intercultural Training on arrival for International Hires • Intercultural Training for Managers of International Hires • Customised Intercultural Management Training • Global Mobility Training for HR teams **Services can be purchased individually or can be tailored and bundled to suit the client’s requirements.


Recruitment Consultant -Director

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