Denis Dymov

Denis Dymov

VP of Development, Pendo

Currently employed at Pendo


Previous: Brigham Young University



    Intuitive. Viable. Scalable. With every product team I lead, I live and breathe 3 simple yet crucial concepts, driving my approach to product management. My experiences have shaped and proven the principles that guide me and are instrumental to product success. Intuitive. There are millions of ideas with great value but the few that succeed present that value in a clear, uncluttered and meaningful way to the user. Result: alignment of user needs and company vision. Connecting to users from the start, validating each decision through measurable metrics early on, results in even the MVP showing traction. Viable. With monetization in mind, I focus on setting goals and developing measurable product strategy driving value to end users, and revenues to the business. Result: product viability starts from day one. As users are asked to commit to purchasing, every transaction becomes more meaningful as paying users are more demanding and more rewarding, shortening validation time and providing qualified feedback that moves the product forward. Scalable. Before a team writes a single line of code, it is important to develop a sustainable technical strategy, with a flexible framework that can adjust to unforeseen changes. Implementation translates into a light version of the strategy first, validating each piece and growing it with demand. Result: at Mirplat we captured 85% of the 550K local market, logging thousands of daily transactions and keeping uptime close to 100%. We focused on a deep analysis of potential bottlenecks in the early architecture design stage with a lightweight framework version, that had the ability to rapidly expand. When the load approached thresholds for expansion it was simpler to proceed as all pieces were in place. Anticipation of unforeseen changes were mitigated by doing a risk analysis of pressure points and providing backup solutions where needed.


VP of Development

At Pendo

From January 2013 to Present
Company provides a SaaS for landlords to help manage their day-to-day rental property operations. Problem: Help landlords with smaller size property portfolios manage their properties. Solution: Develop an online tool to hold all information about rental portfolio of users as well as allow them to...
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