Ivan Cavric

Ivan Cavric

Ivan Cavric Owner, Merritt House Media

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    Ivan Cavric: I was born in 1959 in Croatia. I hold a degree in Religious Studies and I am an ordained minister in the Universal Life Church. During the early part of my life I worked at various jobs while continuing my education and later on became a fully registered Investment Advisor with the OSC (Ontario Securities Commission). I have successfully completed all the necessary requirements to be an Investment Advisor, as well as an Options, Commodities and Future Specialist. In 1995, I formed PrimeQuest Capital Corp. (formerly known as PrimeQuest Financial Group Inc.), which was structured as a virtual venture capital corporation with the capability of acting as an incubator for new ideas and start up ventures. Using the PrimeQuest model, I assisted in funding and developing several start-up ventures and acting as director and advisor to management. Some of these companies include Biosource Solutions Inc., Merritt House Media Inc., and Wolsley Finch Inc. Since then, I have been instrumental in providing venture capital and management assistance to over 70 companies, both private and public.




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