Robin Janzen

Robin Janzen

Global Account Manager - Shell/Strategic Accounts, Coverity - A Synopsys Company

Calgary, Canada

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Her background

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    Global Account Manager - Shell/Strategic Accounts

    Coverity - A Synopsys Company

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    January 2012
    January 2006

    Marketing Consultant

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About her

Robin Janzen currently serves Coverity, a Synopsys company in its Calgary, Alberta office as the global account manager for Shell and other strategic accounts. A leader in the software development and security testing industry, Coverity is trusted by more than 1,100 clients. The firm specializes in code analysis and seeks out numerous defects, including security vulnerabilities, memory corruption, and resource leaks. As global account manager, Robin Janzen maintains and grows relationships with existing clients. She regularly interacts with clients to ensure a successful implementation of services through executive discovery sessions and strategizing solution offerings. Additionally, she forecasts sales activity and monitors revenue achievement.

Prior to her current position, Ms. Janzen served as a senior strategic marketing and sales consultant, focusing on field marketing programs and revenue driven events, as well as sales advocacy initiatives. She took responsibility for the development and management of strategic portfolios for multiple international organizations.

In her free time, Ms. Janzen enjoys many hobbies, including travel. She has visited France and Costa Rica and many parts of the Caribbean and Mexico.