Rudolf Megert

Rudolf Megert

Rudolf Megert, Art and Research

Lethbridge, Canada

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    Self Employed

    Art and Research
    shows my latest web design portfolio.

    I create not only layouts or templates for complete websites but also all graphics, including branding logos, corporate graphics and i also establish contents in basically any world language (as long as i can start out with either, English oder Deutsch as one of the language versions of the website and get the proper translated versions in any other particular language).

    Naturally i am totally specialized in creating websites that allow a maximum of readable seo text rather than just Flash or image embedded text spider bots can't read, but i also deliver website presence enhancing Flash clips or even videos etc.

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His skills

  • Art
  • Webmaster
  • Web Designing
  • Web designer
  • Web
  • Trends
  • Research
  • Painting
  • Internet
  • Computers
  • Astrology
  • Artistic
  • Artist
  • Website

His hobbies

art swimming creative works for websites graphics creations

About him

Some people ask me what "Art and Research" stands for.

Explaining to them the ART part is the easier half.
See also
Indeed i started out as a painting artist, but with the coming of computers, the internet and finally affordable and fast working laptops the challenge to master a presence in the virtual world begun to dominate, so i slowly became a web designer and webmaster, and i love to update myself on the latest trends and learn new tricks of the web designing trends, where i mostly prefer to focus on the visual, artistic or at least user friendly part of website layouts and always incorporate well written contents so the big Search Engines will be able to determine exactly what my clients websites are about and list them accordingly well too.
To put it into perspective you can check out my websites on this:

The RESEARCH part is usually far more difficult to explain since most people think of laboratories or dry figures etc.
When i just mention the word "Astrology" in connection with Research it mostly does not help either, because to so many Astrology is merely a superstition.
Well, this depends on which "Astrologer" you are talking to. If you talk to me i maybe able not only to verbally explain to you that i made it a more or less 100% accurate science but also proof it.
That is the short explanation, the long one is better read at my websites like

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