Stu Hansen

Marquee Asset Management, LLC, Vice President

Kelwona, Canada

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    Marquee Asset Management, LLC

    Vice President

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  • Asset management
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Business Administration

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Serving as Vice President of International Investments for Drewco Development Corporation since 2006, Stu (Stuart) Hansen will help set up operations in the Western United States (U.S.) for the Canadian company. Stu Hansen will represent the family-owned real estate investment and development business in its newest venture, Marquee Asset Management, LLC, in the role of Vice President. Mr. Hansen will head overall operations in California for the company. His responsibilities will include the development of management and administrative teams to execute Drewco’s property investments in the United States. Marquee Asset Management’s strategic plan for its American investments includes the construction, ownership, and management of high-quality homes and luxury apartment buildings. Marquee Asset Management also includes the division Shelter Asset Management, a real estate development consultancy that offers advisory services focused on concept development, redevelopment, new development, operations management, and successful investment opportunities.

Prior to joining Drewco Development Corporation, Stu Hansen held several positions in real estate sales, development, and market research for a prominent hotel group. Earlier, Mr. Hansen earned honors in business administration at the University of Western Ontario, where he completed a joint undergraduate and MBA program, receiving several scholarships and dean's list honors during this time.