Tinh Chum Hun

Tinh Chum Hun

Consultant, Business Strategy & Innovation, Ville de Montréal

Data enthusiast, Looking for new career opportunities

Currently employed at Ville de Montréal, Valja Mobile Application

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    Fluently bilingual, I am a recent Industrial Engineering graduate from Concordia University in Montréal, Canada, and I happen to be well-versed in the language of Art, Fashion, and Analytics. Beyond interest in these fields, my academic curriculum have lead me to become able and proficient on subjects such as Supply Chains, Optimization, Operations Research and Mathematical Programming, Logistic Models, Decision Science, Ergonomics, etc. as well as the modular integration of these into a cohesive ensemble revolving around the Lean Philosophy. My engineering background and my understanding of fashion have been key elements working in synergy to pave my rather unconventional pathway, thus leading me to places from local and international fashion brands, the District 3 Innovation Centre, Festival Mode et Design, an IMDB profile, and most recently an admission to the much coveted MASTERED fashion writing program under the tutelage of Tim Blanks (Business of Fashion, Fashion File, Vogue, Style.com, GQ, The Financial Times). I am dynamic. I am goal-driven. I have a healthy obsession with Continuous Improvement: Process, Ergonomic mess, Entropy – or pretty much anything for that matter. Ultimately, I would love to make a synthesis out of my many interests, and work in a field combining the various elements of my intellectual pursuits. Edit: I am a tech geek too - Jack of all trades & Master of some ;)



At Valja Mobile Application

From May 2015 to Present
Fashion-related mobile application directly engaging users to a rapid binary decision-making process with the intent to allow rewarding B2C interactions to extract, quantify user opinions, and obtain standardized results using algorithms based on objective decision-modelling. Mobile app partly...
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Consultant, Business Strategy & Innovation

At Ville de Montréal

From May 2015 to Present
Contract-based Business Consultation for the City of Montreal, for ideation, development, deployment of B2B, B2C Strategic Planning, acquisition, and retention for Festivals held in-situ. - Elaboration and Execution of several B2B and B2C strategies involving aspects such as Marketing, and...
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Engineering Intern

At Joseph-Ribkoff

From September 2014 to April 2015
Capstone Project with mid-tier Fashion manufacturer and retailer Joseph-Ribkoff. - R&D, Analytics, Process-Mapping, Process Time-Studies, etc. to optimize the Inventory department within the Supply Chain stream, with cost-effective allocation and retrieval strategies, and efficient supply chain...
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Concordia University, Montréal

B.Eng., Concordia University

From September 2011 to April 2015
Relevent Courses: Engineering Management, Operations Research I & II, Inventory Control and Supply Chains, Decision Models in the Service Sector, Lean Manufacturing, Facilities Design and Material Handling, Simulation of Industrial Systems, Quality Control and Reliability, Six-Sigma,...
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Logistics Analyst

At Héma-Québec

From May 2014 to September 2014
- Established a multi-objective, multi-criteria mathematical model to find appropriate routes for optimal, cost-effective blood collection and blood distribution - Identified crucial elements and quantified their weight - Gathered population data and surveyed over 20 Montreal...
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Vice-President of Marketing and Internal Affairs

At Institute of Industrial Engineers

From September 2012 to April 2013
- Created advertisement in the forms of both digital and non-digital media - Designed Sponsorship Package, Official Booklet, Official Competition Guide and Registration Documents, T-shirt, Props, and established contact with potential sponsors for the IIE National Conference held by Concordia...
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