Jonathan Lalou

Jonathan Lalou

Technical Expert / Software Architect, BNP Paribas

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Précédents : BNP Paribas, Institut National de Veille Sanitaire, Stepinfo, EPaye, GMF, Amundi, Centre Inffo, Sungard Global Services, IXIS Asset Management, Sungard Finance (Sungard GP3), Defics


Précédents : Ecole Des Mines, Lycée Condorcet, Université Paris 6 Pierre Et Marie Curie, Lycée Alliance


    En résumé

    Project Management, Architecture, Conception, Developpement, Test, Industrialization, Agility (Lean, Scrum, XP, continuous integration), technical leading I am reachable on GMail ( and on twitter (@John_the_cowboy) Specialties: • Programming Languages: ____o Java /J2EE ____o Python • Frameworks ____o Spring: Core 4, AOP 4, Security 3, Data 1.6 ____o Hibernate 4 / JPA 2.1 ____o GWT 2 / GXT ____o JSF 2 / Primefaces 5 / Primefaces Extensions 2 ____o Caching: Oracle Coherence 3.5 (Tangosol), EhCache ____o JMS,OpenJMS,Active MQ ____o EJB 2 / 3 ____o Struts 2 • Agile Methods: ____o Lean ____o Scrum ____o XP ____o TDD ____o Software Factory ____o Continuous Integration • Misc: ____o DataBase: Oracle, Sybase ____o WebLogic 10 ____o WebSphere 8 ____o JOnAS ____o Maven 2 / Maven 3 + plugins ____o Tibco RendezVous 8 ____o Mule ESB 3.3 ____o Tomcat 7 ____o BIRT ____o GigaSpaces ____o SVN/Git ____o Design Patterns •Web Oriented Languages: (X)HTML, PHP, JSP



Technical Expert / Software Architect

Chez BNP Paribas

De décembre 2014 à juillet 2016
Identification, listing, sort, action plan and resolution of several technical bugs linked to Oracle WebLogic 9 to 11g migration. Skills: high-skilled expertise, architecture, development, WebLogic 11g farms, JMS, MQ Series, Java 6 / JEE 4, Spring 3 (Core, Integration…), Hibernate 3, Oracle 11g, ...
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Project manager and Technical Leader

Chez Institut National de Veille Sanitaire

De mars 2014 à janvier 2015
Management of project Coset: survey and follow-up about health of workers affiliated to social programs. (End of project expected on October 2014) Skills: project management, architecture, development, Java 8 / JEE 7, Spring 4 (Core, AOP, Security, Data...), Hibernate 4 / JPA 2.1, JSF 2 / ...
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Director of Project

Chez Stepinfo

De juillet 2012 à octobre 2014
1/ Leader of fixed-price activity: * pre-sales * direction of projects Among other projects won and led as director: * Centre Inffo: referential of trainings: up to 6 developpers, 1 Scrum Master, 1 Product Owner and 1 Architect * SGCIB: director of a center of services (1 local leader, 4 ...
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Technical Expert

Chez EPaye

décembre 2013
(8 days) Audit of an application in SaaS mode: * interview of stake holders * analysis of code and documentation * conclusions and recommendations

Technical Expert and Project Manager

Chez GMF

De février 2013 à décembre 2013
(12 days) * Technical audit and study of a project "from scratch" on which 4 developpers work * IBM JDK 6, WebSphere (WAS 8), Ivy+Ant, JSF 2 + RichFaces, RAD / IntelliJ IDEA 12 Leda

Tech Lead

Chez Stepinfo

novembre 2012
(1 month / internal project) * Manager of a project of consultants' skill management. * Skills: Java 7, Mule ESB 3.3, Hibernate 3 / JPA, Spring 3.5, MySQL, JSF 2, IntelliJ IDEA 12 (Leda) EAP

Technical Expert

Chez Centre Inffo

octobre 2012
(4.5 days) * Audit of the application Dokelio as a Java expert. * Fixed transverse technical pending issues * Open Java 6, Tomcat 6, Hibernate 3, Spring 3, Maven 2.2, JEEM, JVM tuning

Centre Inffo Technical Expert

Chez Centre Inffo

juillet 2012
(1 day) * Audit of the application Mercury as a Java expert. * Fixed the pending issues * Java 5, JSP, E-Deal, Ant

Transverse Architect and Project Manager

Chez Amundi

De avril 2012 à juillet 2012
Management of project of general Stabilization and Reliability of more than 30 JOnAS servers o Java 6 / JEE5, o JOnAS 5.2 o OSGi o EJB 2 and EJB3 o Joram o Spring o WebServices Axis & CXF o JMS o JUnit o Design Pattern o Sybase o Ant 1.8.3 o Maven 2&3 o SVN o IDE: ¤ Eclipse 3.7 ...
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Chez Sungard Global Services

De 2005 à juillet 2012
Consultant for Sungard Global Services -former Sungard Consulting Services, former Cadextan- (Paris, France) • Attended trainings: o General Finance (2005) o DotNet Framework (2006) o Maven (2007) o Spring (2007) o Management of Risks (2007) o Advanced J2EE (2008) o Project Management ...
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Software Architect and Senior Developper

Chez BNP Paribas

De 2009 à mars 2012
• (60-70%) Analysis, architecture, plan, conception, development, test, integration on a global and world-wide application of Prime Brokerage. • Promotion, training and implementation of Scrum methodology. o Agility: o Java 6 / J2EE  Spring 2.5.6  Hibernate 3.1.3  JMS  JUnit 4.4  ...
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Senior Software Engineer

Chez BNP Paribas

De 2007 à 2009
Development, tests, support and refactoring of a Prime Brokerage application. • Functional: the platform loads extracts from various sources (batch mode: file, FTP; STP / real time mode: JMS, TibcoRV) and types (CSV, XML, and other proprietary formats) and produces reports. These reports are ...
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Software Engineer

Chez IXIS Asset Management

Definitions, architecture, development, support and testing of a front-office risk limits software, for Board of Risks. • Functional: the business team defines Risk Mandates, i.e. sheets for traders and/or groups of traders, to fix limits on some indicators (volume of transactions, PnL, greeks, ...
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Software Engineer

Chez Sungard Finance (Sungard GP3)

De 2005 à 2006
GP3 is a back office software aimed at managing portfolios of UCITS (equivalent to French OPCVM). • Support, evolution, development • Used skills: o Java 5 o Swing o JavaBeans o JNLP, Java WebStart o JSP o JUnit o Design Patterns o Python o Eclipse 3 o eXtreme Programming

Software Engineer

Chez Defics

De 2003 à 2005
* Java (JDK 1.4), C++ * Web: PhP, (x)HTML, JS, CSS, RSS * Open Source Software

Ecole Des Mines, Nancy

Ingénierie des Systèmes Informatiques

De 2000 à 2003

Lycée Alliance, Les Pavillons Sous Bois

Baccalaureat S, Maths

De 1995 à 1996


  • Agility
  • Architecture
  • EJB
  • Groovy
  • GWT
  • Hibernate
  • IntelliJ IDEA
  • J2EE
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